Who we are ?

Private investment with a vast experience in the field of plastic industry, Livingjumbo Industry LTD has begun its activity in September 2002 with the unique purpose to increase the quality of BIG BAGS, at a proper ratio between its specifications and processing costs.

As a 100% recyclable big bags manufacturer, Livingjumbo Industry LTD proved responsibility in every aspect of production, starting from material fabrication and quality testing, so that our potential customers could see that we have the knowledge of making best big bags and that we can supply good quality.

This enabled us since the very beginning to have customers portfolio not only in Romania, but also in Europe.

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What are "big bags" ?

Polypropylene ( PP ) Big Bags - also known as "FIBCs", "bulk bags", "jumbo bags" - are defined as intermediate bulk container, having a body made of flexible fabric which is intended for shipping and storing dry bulk products.

FIBCs are made in different constructive types - custom made - to meet a large range of applications.

Most commonly known are the STANDARD BIG BAGS with 1, 2 or 4 loops.

It's dimensions and features characteristics are varying a lot depending on SWL ( Safe Working Load ), SF ( Safety Factor ) and on its special destination.

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What we produce ?

Big Bags Manufacturer, the producer which implemented the Integrated Management System of Quality - Environment - Food Safety (ISO 9001:2001, ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 22000:2005 - HACCP), LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY produces and delivers big bags ( jumbo bag, bulk bag, FIBC, PP woven bag ) with loading capacities between 250-2000 kilos, custom made in different shapes and sizes, in order to meet our clients necessities.

The range of products refers to: flexible containers made from polypropylene standard with 1, 2 or 4 loop or special big bags (Q bags - baffle bags with inner walls for a stabilized shape and UN bags - for dangerous goods, toxic waste).

Based on request, BIG BAGS can be personalized with our customer's logo. Also, the bags can have inner liner of polyethylene to avoid the losing / leakage of the material.

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Application and partners

Customized in order to meet different requirements, the BIG BAGS have a wide range of applications and they are used for packaging chemical products (fertilizers, soda, urea), agricultural products (seeds, cereals, animal feed), food products (powders or granulated - salt, sugar, coffee etc), minerals, construction materials (sand, lime, cement), wastage (polystyrene, PP, PE and PVC granules, paper, wood, ferrous and nonferrous materials) etc.

Our BIG BAGS production is delivered mostly outside Romania (65 - 70%), the rest of it being designated to the domestic market.

LIVINGJUMBO's bags are present in countries such as: France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain or Greece and provided either directly (deliveries to end users) or indirectly (through commissioners, distributors or chambers of commerce).

No matter the channel used, we are very exigent when it comes to the quality of our products as well as the fast delivery - qualities that allows us to maintain our portfolio of external customers.

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Did you know...

DID YOU KNOW… LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY is testing and producing bags that according to HG 1197/2002 (governmental decision) with its subsequent amendments harmonized with European legislation? This represents an additional guarantee of the products’ quality they purchase from us.

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DID YOU KNOW… LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY complies with REACH regarding the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals? This regulation came into effect on 2008, 1st of June and it represents an important step towards the health protection and the environment.

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DID YOU KNOW that using the Komac stacker, will benefit both high productivity in loading bags from piles (on average 60 bags / hour) and by reducing personnel costs and other tools? The bags charger is handled by one machine and served by a single person that can place the bags directly on the trailer using the stacker immediately after loading. For more information about the stacker, please visit our website www.komac.ro

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DID YOU KNOW… LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY ensures continuously preventing and reducing environmental pollution according to the Ordinance no. 152 / 2005 (regarding the integrated pollution prevention and control) and with SR EN ISO 14001:2005 by the targets and objectives in the management program?

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DID YOU KNOW… LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY fulfills its obligation to achieve the annual national objectives related to the packaging waste recovery and recycling according to GD no. 621 / 2005 (governmental decision) regarding the packaging and packaging waste, with its subsequent modifications? In this mission our company is transferring the responsibility to the ECO PACK MANAGEMENT S.A., a leading organization aimed to build sustainable and effective solutions for the packaging management.

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DID YOU KNOW… LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY meets the legal obligation for identifying the dangerous substances and preparations used in the production process, its terms of use, handling and storing conditions in accordance with Ordinance no. 200 / 2000 regarding classification, labeling and packaging of dangerous chemical substances and preparations and the detailed rules for implementing thereof (Official Gazette no.118 / 2003, 25th of February)?

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Our quality and recommendations

LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY is the single Romanian producer which implemented the Integrated Management System for Quality - Environment - Food Safety (ISO 9001:2001, ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 22000:2005 - HACCP).

Besides the strict control of the raw materials and the one performed by our specialized personnel during the production process, a great contribution to the quality assurance is brought by the conformance with the products traceability system.

Other competitive advantages:

  • best quality
  • fair prices
  • good flexibility in production
  • fast delivery time

The guarantee of quality is one of the priorities of our managerial team and of the entire company: "Our clients's success is our success".

The best proof of success is a portfolio of over 500 partner companies and over 7,000,000 big bags produced and sold from 2002 until now.

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ISO 9001 - calitate in slujba clientului
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